Learn: Component Descriptions

LED, tri-colour LED, IR LED, laser diode, resistor, LDR, potentiometer, capacitor, push button, tilt sensor, transistor, IR phototransistor, relay module, temperature sensor, IR receiver, piezo, speaker, servo motor, DC motor, ultrasonic transceiver, PIR motion sensor

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Errata: C525B Arduino Projects II — A.01.05

An update in Chrome disables the Machine Learning extension. You need to install an older version of Chrome. This affects the procedure described in Part N Machine Learning. Before you begin, visit to make sure the webcam and the Train buttons work on your notebook. 1. Download Chrome v56 from this link. 2. Double-click the […]

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Errata: C520D Arduino Projects with Mobile Apps — A.01.01

INSTALLING CHROME EXTENSION A change in Chrome to protect users from malicious extensions requires a workaround to install the Machine Learning extension. This affects the procedure described in Part O3 Machine Learning. Perform the following procedure to install the Machine Learning extension. In the C520D Mentor Folder, unzip If you can’t find this file, please […]

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