[C523A] Coding and Physical Computing – Part 1

Learn: Difference Between a Common Anode and Common Cathode Tri-Colour LED

OVERVIEW A tri-colour LED can be either common anode (the longer pin is positive) or common anode (the longer pin is negative). The best way to identify which tri-colour LED you have is to set up a circuit to test it.     PART 1: IDENTIFYING THE TRI-COLOUR LED Checking common cathode: Connect the tri-colour […]

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Learn: Renaming the HC-05 Bluetooth Module Using AT Command

Last Update: 20 March 2018 Author: Louis Yong   OVERVIEW This white paper describes the procedure to change the device name of the HC-05 Bluetooth module (HC-05) using the AT command set. The default settings in the HC-05 is standardised as follows: Bluetooth name: HC-05 Security code: 1234 or 0000 However, the conditions in a […]

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