Arduino IDE Quick Programming Guide

STRUCTURE Every Arduino program (also called sketch) has two required functions. void setup() { } All the code between the two curly brackets will run once when Arduino is powered up. It’s a good place to do setup tasks like setting pin modes or initialising libraries. void loop() { } This function runs after setup […]

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Using Functions in Arduino IDE

When you have a code that performs a specific task (for example, to play a series of notes),  you could put that code as a function. Whenever you need to play the song, you can just call that function instead of typing the code multiple times. When you use functions, you make it easier to […]

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Common Components and Their Functions

LED, tri-colour LED, IR LED, laser diode, resistor, LDR, potentiometer, capacitor, push button, tilt sensor, transistor, IR phototransistor, relay module, temperature sensor, IR receiver, piezo, speaker, servo motor, DC motor, ultrasonic transceiver, PIR motion sensor

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Get More Digital IO Pins Through Pins D0, D1, A0 to A5

USING PIN 0 and PIN 1 Pin 0 and pin 1 on the Arduino are usually used for communication between the Arduino and your computer. You can use these pins as digital input or output as long as you’ve completed troubleshooting your project because you cannot use Serial Monitor. Things to remember Do not use […]

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Sound Recording in App Inventor

OVERVIEW You can make a recording of your voice or a sound, and then you can play back your recording in App Inventor. You need two components: SoundRecorder and Player. PART 1: DESIGN THE INTERFACE PART 2: CREATE THE SCRIPTS STEP 1: Create these scripts for the Record button.   STEP 2: Create this script […]

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